Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dragon's nest!

Ahhh guys! I'm so excited for a new mmo coming out! 

Dragon's nest!

A action packed full game made my the one and only Nexon!
Now, I have played the closed beta and let me tell you, I enjoyed what I saw. Leveling up is not too hard. A unique combat system, there are instances as well.
WASD to move around, TAB key to switch between battle mode stance, 1-0 for your hotkey bar, left click mouse for primary attack, right click for secondary, and spacebar to jump.

It seems like people would be turned off by the cute graphics but look no further, this game is the bomb and even I am excited to play the game again.
Graphic wise, it was a job well done, there is weather changing so at times it will rain and be sunny and you'll see the blooming effect.

Dragon's nest comes out on July 26, 2011!

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